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Is This A Book?

by Jane Sojin Kim

Show/Tell Popup Store at Satellite Gallery

Don’t bluntly call it a “compilation of books” when standing in front of the zines present at the Show/Tell Pop-up Shop at Satellite Gallery, for this is more than a series of “texts-on-paper.”  Imagine it to be a graffiti art form, a mural or even a performance piece, guiding the passersby (readers) into a surreal space of creativity. Each zine evokes a sense of ambiguity and wonder that transcends the pre-conceived definition of a book. Drawings (preciously done by artists) in the zines act as exuberant texts running through page after page without a pause, but such flow is worth repeated contemplating. For your trip to Satellite, please bring a sense of wonder and imagination to encounter the zines!

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Show & Tell Press: The Making of Made in Vancouver

by Kari Kleinmann and Kurtis Wilson

The newly formed Show & Tell Press, founded by artists Kari Kleinmann and Kurtis Wilson, will launch its first publication Made in Vancouver at Satellite Gallery this September 27, 2012 from 6 to 9pm. Made in Vancouver features the work of four Vancouver-based artists Patrick Cruz, Jennilee Marigomen, Aaron Read and Dan Siney, and pays homage to the thriving arts community within our city. The publication is a package comprised of five zines devoted to each artist. It showcases the work of a diverse group of artists putting pen to paper by using a variety of printing techniques from colour printing, risograph printing, silkscreen printing, to large roll printing.

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The Candy Store

By Kari Kleinmann

When I stepped into the Canzine West Festival at the Ukrainian Hall last weekend I was instantly overwhelmed by the array of choices. Where to go first? My strategy was to visit all of the tables before making a decision about which zines to collect. A zine fair is like being in a candy store. One could easily end up with a sore stomach and an empty wallet without this approach. With so many varieties, how do you choose? My own personal decisions are based on the aesthetics of a zine. I am the type of connoisseur who likes to enjoy the zine in its entirety after purchasing it. As a bookmaker, I also love the idea of containment. If there is a special nuance in the packaging, I am sold.
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