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The Enduring Allure of Utopian Communities

By Sarah Davidson desertutopia7 Arcosanti is best described as a never-realized utopia. Dreamed up by architect Paolo Soleri in 1970, the (self-described) despot imagined a thriving city of 5000 in the middle of the Arizona desert. Soleri’s uncompromising vision doomed his ambitions, but Arcology, Soleri’s benevolent if deeply quixotic philosophy, persists in attracting thousands of visitors and a few dozen transient residents each year.

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I Found a Dreamscape

by Jane Sojin Kim

IMG_4752 Artwork by Heidi Kerr, photo courtesy of Leif Friggstad

On the fringe of January, the Concourse Gallery at Emily Carr University was transformed into a dreamscape. In the exhibition Stratified Spaces, people’s stories were poetically narrated through photographs and installations. Images of the interior and exterior of houses provoked memories of home, while other installations lured me into a completely new and untouched—even surreal—realm. Continue reading