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Mad Sublime: Why Mad Men is Art

by Jason Smythe

Mad Men

I have a confession to make: I am an addict. My addiction: Mad Men. And with the show on hiatus until 2015 I am suffering from serious withdrawals. I thought I had experienced pain but I was mistaken, for there is no pain greater than a Mad Men detoxification. But in-between the jags of immense soul-crushing pain I had an epiphany, and it was that Mad Men is more than a TV show – it is art. What is my definition of art and how Mad Men reaches such lofty heights? Read more to find out. Continue reading

Being [No]body

As part of Satellite Gallery’s ongoing effort to provide learning opportunities for students, we are happy to be part of a class project created by five SFU students from the Faculty of Contemporary Art. Sheena Clark, Eliza Nguyen, Sebastian Laskowski, Rachael Nakamura, and Tina Shabani curated a hypothetical exhibition called Nobody at Satellite Gallery. Here is a glimpse of their proposal and Power Point presentation.

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