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A Tight (But Still Creative) City

by Jason Smythe

Tight City

One of the Canada Line’s exit shelters is located at the intersection of Robson and Granville, and it is a rather mundane structure, with a look that can best be described as cookie-cutter modernist. I say this because it looks like something you could buy at Ikea. However, over the eons one thing has remained constant: using art to liven up even the most boring of structures. Thankfully, this most Ikea of exit shelters has received some art: the installation Tight City. Continue reading


Instant Coffee: Bedazzling the Banal in Downtown Richmond

by Liza Montgomery

Instant Coffee, Perpetual Sunset, photo courtesy of Liza MontgomeryPhoto courtesy of Liza Montgomery

Glimpsed through the window of a passing train, Instant Coffee’s most recent site-specific public art installationappears like a glittering, pixelated mirage amid a monotonous landscape of wet concrete, storefront signage, and grey skies.  Known for their kitschy, DIY aesthetic and penchant for artifice and catchy slogans, the collective has placed their latest project, Perpetual Sunset, before a diverse public in downtown Richmond.

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Ready for a Second Date?

By Erin Campbell

When I saw Elspeth Pratt’s installation, Second Date, at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s offsite location beside the Shangri-la, my immediate desire was to go wade in through the pool of water so I could immerse myself in the environment her work created. Of course, social convention and the friend who agreed to wander downtown with me refused to let me do this. Instead, I examined the work from different angles and tried to access its environment without actually getting my feet wet.

Elspeth Pratt, The Vancouver Art Gallery Off-Site                                         Second Date, 2010, Elspeth Pratt

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