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My Hands are My Heart: Shigeyuki Kihara’s Language in Motion

by Katherine Somody


Gabriel Orozco’s My Hands are My Heart (1991)

To view the work of Samoan­-Japanese artist Shigeyuki Kihara on display at the Satellite Gallery, one must first navigate past a heavy black velvet curtain, like that which is raised to mark the start of a show on a grand stage. This is a theatrical space, a space of performance, it seems to tell us. Indeed, behind the curtain we find Kihara dancing excerpts of the classical Samoan taualuga in three video pieces that interrogate ways of seeing and complicate expectations of performer and audience. Continue reading


The Everchanging Museum

I started my internship at the Satellite Gallery just a week after Peter Morin’s Museum took up residence in the gallery space. I saw the show change, performance after performance, evolving even after the closing ceremony this past Wednesday, June 29th.

Continue reading

Recording Their Story: James Teit and the Tahltan

Ever since information has become readily available online, the source of our knowledge has expanded beyond the walls of libraries and museums. This new way of disseminating and receiving information has caused quite a stir in institutions, causing them to reexamine their practice in organizing and displaying knowledge as educators for communities. In our current exhibition, Victoria-based visual and performance artist Peter Morin establishes his own museum that explores the conventions of museum practices while sharing the knowledge of the Tahltan First Nation through a series of performances and an evolving installation. Continue reading