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The Other NYC Marathon

by Kiel Torres

IMG_7894 edit

Every two years, my high school’s Art Department offers a five day trip to New York City. Between March 29th and April 4th, a group of 29 Point Grey senior art students including myself set out to explore the city under the watchful eyes of our four teacher chaperones. To describe the itinerary as “busy” would be a complete understatement. The minute we landed at JFK, the theoretical rug woven from relaxed, west-coast vibes was abruptly yanked from under our feet and replaced with one that was hastily stitched together and embroidered with the colourful veins of a metro map. Our itinerary mirrored the fast pace of the city and was jam-packed with gallery visits, theatre shows and sightseeing opportunities. Let’s just say that this school trip was the double espresso of school trips. Continue reading