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When was the Last Time You Visited an Art Gallery?

by Micaela Kwiatkowski

Micaela was on her feet around Vancouver, guerrilla-interviewing few Vancouverites to see how they felt about Contemporary Art.

jessJess, Psychology student  

When was the last time you visited an art gallery?

I was at the MoMA and the Guggenheim a few months ago during my trip to New York.

What do you think contemporary art is?

Oh awkward, I don’t really know. Colourful?! Continue reading


Interview with Noam Gonick


Noam Gonick at the Opening of Full Frontal in front of his work. Photo by Ash Tanasiychuk http://formatnoauto.com

Noam Gonick answers questions by Full Frontal curator Katie Schroeder about his work No Safe Words, 2009.

What is the artwork intended to convey?

I filmed the water boarding scenes with the UBC Thunderbirds upon a request to make a piece about LGBT rights and the abuse of those rights by Middle Eastern regimes. I’m not really into “queer washing”, where Western liberal attitudes towards gays are used as a cover for state aggression, so I wanted to invert the curatorial request and look at the queer aspects of the abuse of prisoners from the War on Terror. The piece was commissioned for Toronto’s Gay Pride to broadcast on a series of JumboTrons, so I was thinking of high-impact visuals – the type of imagery that usually appears on those screens. I wanted to rattle the million strong Pride march and share with them my suspicion that the torture in places like Abu Ghraib implicates us in an uncomfortably erotic way. Continue reading

Interview with Marian Penner Bancroft

by Avalon Mott

Marian Penner Bancroft, Vancouver Art GallerySpiritlands: t/HERE: Marian Penner Bancroft Selected Photo Works 1975-2000 at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Marian Penner Bancroft is a photographer. Anyone who has even a little knowledge about the Vancouver Photo Conceptualist movement beginning in the 1980s, or is a student at Emily Carr University, knows this. What I didn’t know is how expansive and yet meticulously constructed Bancroft’s practice is. Walking up to the second floor of the Vancouver Art Gallery to view her retrospective Spiritlands: t/HERE: Marian Penner Bancroft Selected Photo Works 1975-2000, I was unsure of what to expect. I have had the privilege to call Marian Penner Bancroft a professor, and so I come to her work wanting validation for the criticism she posed to me about my own photographs. What I witnessed surpassed this desire. Not only is the care and consideration for the photographic medium and respect for traditional printing methods demonstrated through out Spiritlands: t/HERE, but Bancroft’s voice as an artist is clearly articulated. Her work is engaging and thought provoking while being visually pleasing. The perfect trifecta.

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