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Ready for a Second Date?

By Erin Campbell

When I saw Elspeth Pratt’s installation, Second Date, at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s offsite location beside the Shangri-la, my immediate desire was to go wade in through the pool of water so I could immerse myself in the environment her work created. Of course, social convention and the friend who agreed to wander downtown with me refused to let me do this. Instead, I examined the work from different angles and tried to access its environment without actually getting my feet wet.

Elspeth Pratt, The Vancouver Art Gallery Off-Site                                         Second Date, 2010, Elspeth Pratt

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MIX at Five Sixty

Tonight Satellite Gallery became part of a building-wide art party at Five Sixty. The two floor space was transformed into a maze of contemporary art, and every room (plus the alley, where Scott Sueme and a friend were spray-painting) was filled with exhibitions from artists working with diverse themes and wildly different work. From Gordon Payne’s “cubo-futurist-surrealist” paintings to florist and up-and-coming artist Thomas Hobbs’ digitally manipulated, found paint-by-number figures, MIX really had something for everyone. On the ground floor a man approached me and asked where the gallery was. For once I had nothing to say except, “Uh, everywhere!”

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Seen as It Was Conceived: Or Gallery’s “The Unspeakable Compromise of the Portable Work”

by Sean Michael Nelson

The blog for Or Gallery’s current off-site exhibition The Unspeakable Compromise of the Portable Work features a post by artist Igor Santizo, wherein a black spot is placed over top of several images. This transposition onto a space radically alters how it is perceived. As I Enter office 202 at 3540 West 41st, the space of the exhibition, I receive a similar impression.

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Peter Morin’s Museum: The Book

As a co-op student for the Satellite Gallery interested in publication design, I was lucky enough to design an artist’s book/catalogue for our current exhibition, Peter Morin’s Museum.

I had a wonderful experience working with artist Peter Morin, MOA curator Karen Duffek, and manager Karen Benbassat; we put together a publication that incorporated elements of the installation, such as wraparound end-pages that reveal the title of the book, and hand-binding that incorporates the imitation sinew used in Museum’s tent. Tahltan red is seen throughout, and Peter Morin’s handwriting is used in headers, making his written presence felt from the beginning to the end of the publication. Continue reading

Grand Opening in 2010

Window Display of 4 Intersections / Photo: Ben Lee

Since Satellite Gallery opened its door in late September 2010, a series of events took place to celebrate the birth of this new experimental space. We joined our neighbor, Blanket Gallery, for an opening reception with Instant Coffee’s Light Bar installation on September 29th. The artist collective hosted a successful event that helped introduce us to the public and our grand opening followed on the evening of October 23rd with a performance by Petroglyphs.

Recognizing the importance of experimental art in the history of Vancouver, we had the honor of co-hosting Flakey: The Early Works of Glenn Lewis with the Presentation House Gallery as our inaugurating exhibition. Two of Lewis’ early works, Room Divided and 4 Intersections, were featured in our gallery on separate occassions. Room Divided (1969) was an installation exhibited from September 29th to October 17th and 4 Intersections (1970), a video installation, was shown in a complete state for the first time from October 21st to November 7th. We also hosted our first book launch event on the evening of October 26th with Lewis performing his 16 mm film Forest Industry.

Instant Coffee’s Light Bar                                                                    Photo: Sherry Lu

Room Divided                                                                                      Photo: Sherry Lu

4 Intersections                                                                                         Photo: Ben Lee

For more information on Flakey: The Early Works of Glenn Lewis, please visit the Presentation House Gallery website