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Adrian Stimson Has Us Holding Our Breath

by Arielle Quan

Adrian Stimson, 'Holding Our Breath', Grunt GalleryPhoto courtesy of Grunt Gallery

A wall-sized, black-charcoal drawing looms behind a sandbox surrounded by barbed wire. It’s an imposing first impression of Adrian Stimson’s Holding Our Breath exhibition at the Grunt Gallery. In fact, I was a little intimidated. The large-scale installation was being promoted as a critical dialogue about (but not limited to) military and political colonization, the Afghanistan conflict and the First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples’ presence in the Canadian Armed Forces. However, the exhibit turned out to be more than just big words and bigger Political Messages. As Stimson said, he is “just another voice that can be considered or trigger something in the viewer that makes them want to know more.”

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Satellite Gallery runs an internship program that often enlist students from Emily Carr University of Art and Design (ECU). Their enthusiasm and interest in taking on different roles in the field of art not only amaze us but also bring a source of energy that stimulates the gallery. Jane So-Jin Kim and Emile Rubino are two of our current interns who have adopted the multidisciplinary approach to art. The followings are their reviews of each other’s work as artist and curator at ECU.
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