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Exploring Mainstreeters: Taking Advantage, 1972−1982

by Micaela Kwiatkowski

Kenneth Fletcher’s House, 1978, Courtesy of Paul Wong

Kenneth Fletcher’s House, 1978, Courtesy of Paul Wong

Satellite Gallery’s current exhibition, Mainstreeters: Taking Advantage 1972-1982 explores the beginning of an East Vancouver Art Gang. The exhibition includes a variety of film installations —ranging from old school TVs to large projections— of their adventures and artistic experiments. Alongside the film recordings are photographs documenting the group, newspaper clippings, and a crime scene investigation.  Continue reading

Adrian Stimson Has Us Holding Our Breath

by Arielle Quan

Adrian Stimson, 'Holding Our Breath', Grunt GalleryPhoto courtesy of Grunt Gallery

A wall-sized, black-charcoal drawing looms behind a sandbox surrounded by barbed wire. It’s an imposing first impression of Adrian Stimson’s Holding Our Breath exhibition at the Grunt Gallery. In fact, I was a little intimidated. The large-scale installation was being promoted as a critical dialogue about (but not limited to) military and political colonization, the Afghanistan conflict and the First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples’ presence in the Canadian Armed Forces. However, the exhibit turned out to be more than just big words and bigger Political Messages. As Stimson said, he is “just another voice that can be considered or trigger something in the viewer that makes them want to know more.”

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The New Design Gallery, Chief Henry Speck, and Modernist Art on the Northwest Coast

by Liza Montgomery

New Design Gallery, West Vancouver MuseumNew Design Gallery: On the frontier 1955 – 1966 at West Vancouver Museum

Early- to mid-century modernist art is enjoying a resurgence in our city’s cultural institutions this summer in the form of three independently curated, yet interestingly related, art exhibitions.  The Satellite Gallery’s Projections: The Paintings of Henry Speck, Udzi’stalis (organized by the UBC Museum of Anthropology) and the West Vancouver Museum’s New Design Gallery: On the frontier 1955 – 1966 provide divergent narratives to the canonical offerings of the Vancouver Art Gallery’s latest summer blockbuster, Collecting Matisse and Modern Masters. The two more modestly scaled exhibitions examine the particularities of modernism’s emergence on the Northwest Coast.

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Dark Resonance at Grunt Gallery

The cover of this month’s Preview magazine caught my eye. It features a painting from Rebecca Chaperon’s new exhibition at Grunt Gallery, Like a Great Black Fire. Intrigued by the enigmatic content of the cover piece, I headed down to Grunt to take a closer look.

Like a Great Black Fire, Rebecca Chaperon, 2011

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