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True Detective: The Dream Gene

by June Lee

Still Image from True Detective (2014)

Still Image from True Detective (2014)

Yesterday marked the last day of classes for university students before the long awaited reading break, and for all of those out there, including myself, hoping to entrap themselves in a blanket and cave with their favourite episodes, I encourage you towards the HBO mystery, True Detective.

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Collaborative Play

by Stella Hsu

                                Non-lexical Vocable Windows by Christy Nyiri

Before entering the gallery space of 221A, I was greeted by a series of colourful texts that evoked a sense of play. The image above is a depiction of Christy Nyiri’s Non-lexical Vocable Windows where seven window panels are covered by words taken from the chorus of seven different songs: Too High, Walk on the Wild Side, You Can Call Me Al, Jeremy, Dreams, How Deep Is Your Love, Tarzan Boy. Because the windows cannot be seen through from the outside, the artwork plays with the idea of transparency where the act of looking through has been redirected to the surface of things. What kinds of messages do the windows bring forth? The artist’s use of windows asks us to look ‘through’ the windows in a different manner.

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Art, History, and Hiroshima

By Rhys Edwards

                                                   Photo by Ishiuchi Miyako

After several exhibitions throughout Japan since 2008, ひろしま hiroshima  by Ishiuchi Miyako opened recently at the Museum of Anthropology, marking the exhibition’s first foray into North America. Artist Ishiuchi Miyako began her professional photography career in the 1970s, and since then has become one of Japan’s foremost contemporary photographers. As an artist, she is predominantly concerned with the notion of personal memory and how it is disseminated through the human body as well as material objects.

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