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Guilt-Free Holiday Spending

by Debbie Cheung

Art Market: A Project Space Fundraiser

When you see your friends instagraming photos of giant gingerbread men or cute reindeers with a sled, you know it’s that time of the year again. By the end of October we are bombarded with banal Christmas music and merchandise in retail chains which reminds us of this festive gift-giving ritual. Although we acknowledge that habitual gift-giving pulls us into a downward spiral of empty consumerism, many still see the value in practicing the tradition with their immediate family and close friends. Let’s face it, quitting cold turkey is difficult. In order to fulfill my craving for a year-end celebration and to ease my guilty conscience of being a holiday “big spender,” I managed to shop-for-a-cause at fundraisers produced by local artist-run centres.
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The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art at Kanazawa, Japan

By Debbie Cheung

I have always wanted to return to Japan since my last visit there as an exchange student fourteen years ago. Opportunities to travel overseas for extended periods of time diminish as my life gets busier with work. That said, this winter I decided to embrace my broken Japanese and hopped on a plane to Asia.

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