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Mumbai Diaries, Part 3: An Artist Profile of M.A. Jafar

by Erin Campbell

Kala Ghoda  is the centre for art in Mumbai. At the centre of Kala Ghoda is Jehangir Art Gallery, where artist M.A. Jafar sells his paintings on the sidewalk outside of this monumental building. He creates his paintings alongside palm-readers, rice-writers and a host of sketch artists who promise to draw your portrait in five minutes or less.

Photograph by Sharell Cook
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The Business of Art in the Digital Age

by Liza Montgomery

sEdition Screen Grab
In his influential 1936 essay The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, German cultural critic Walter Benjamin examined the effects of a changing technological environment on the status and function of art. While Benjamin’s predictions—that new reproductive technologies would diminish the symbolic and ritual authority of the “original” art object—have since been contested by art theorists, his work continues to highlight the need to attend to the relationship between changing technologies of representation and the value and function of art in a society.

Seventy years later, the development of the internet along with a rapid succession of new digital technologies has ushered in a new technological era: a digital age in which the “original” has become conceptually indistinguishable from its copies. Characterizing this new culture, and reflective of the internet itself, is the increased accessibility and free flow of information and images that threaten capitalist notions of space, private property, and ownership.

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