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Book Review: Paris June Fourth, Fifth, & Sixth, Two Thousand & Six by Dana Claxton

by June Lee


Capture Photography festival is an event that features local and international artists and their accomplishments as the media of photography and documentation. Dana Claxton, a Vancouver based artist, has contributed many of her works including her book Paris June Fourth, Fifth, & Sixth, Two Thousand & Six, which recounts her three day stay in Paris, France. Her book contains 77 black and white photographs taken from Parisian urban life, that investigate issues of gender studies, Western culture fetishes, and the commodification of aboriginal aesthetics in contemporary culture. Continue reading


Our Day at the Vancouver Art/Book Fair – LIVE

This gallery contains 17 photos.

Here are some exciting interactions Sarah, Yasmine and Erin had at the Art/Book Fair today. Top photo by Zoya Mirzaghitova, all other photos by Sarah Davidson.

Vancouver Art/Book Fair: Interview with Tracy Stefannuci

logo-2013Do you get excited about art you can hold in your hands? Vancouver Art/Book (VA/BF) fair organizer Tracy Stefannuci does.  We asked her about second annual Fair, coming to the Vancouver Art Gallery on October 5 and 6th. Continue reading

Is This A Book?

by Jane Sojin Kim

Show/Tell Popup Store at Satellite Gallery

Don’t bluntly call it a “compilation of books” when standing in front of the zines present at the Show/Tell Pop-up Shop at Satellite Gallery, for this is more than a series of “texts-on-paper.”  Imagine it to be a graffiti art form, a mural or even a performance piece, guiding the passersby (readers) into a surreal space of creativity. Each zine evokes a sense of ambiguity and wonder that transcends the pre-conceived definition of a book. Drawings (preciously done by artists) in the zines act as exuberant texts running through page after page without a pause, but such flow is worth repeated contemplating. For your trip to Satellite, please bring a sense of wonder and imagination to encounter the zines!

Continue reading