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Adrift: Matthew Buckingham’s Obscure Moorings at Satellite

by Sarah Davidson


Matthew Buckingham’s show, on now at Satellite, situates viewers in a strange position relative to his wandering film. Viewers are implicated in the act of understanding the film, and this is highlighted most immediately by the artist’s spatial intervention in the gallery: a gigantic wave-shaped viewing platform, covered in carpet. Buckingham often takes history and narrative as his subjects, and this work is no exception. In Obscure Moorings, based on an obscure character sketch by Herman Melville, a defunct sailor meanders unhappily through modern-day Liverpool and eventually dies.

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Go9 and Three-Quarters

by Danaan C-J and Mara I-G


Imagine having only 5 days to experience all of Paris. In not even one week, your task is to soak up the city’s entire history, to visit every one of its famous sites and monuments, and by the end of the week, to have immersed yourself so completely in Parisian culture that you will have come to the point where you can call yourself a local. Now picture being given the same task, but applied to the Vancouver art scene. Welcome to Go8. Continue reading

Vancouver Art/Book Fair: Interview with Tracy Stefannuci

logo-2013Do you get excited about art you can hold in your hands? Vancouver Art/Book (VA/BF) fair organizer Tracy Stefannuci does.  We asked her about second annual Fair, coming to the Vancouver Art Gallery on October 5 and 6th. Continue reading

NEWS! Panel Discussion with Staff Photographers, March 16th, 2013

This discussion took place at the Satellite Gallery during the NEWS! exhibit on March 16th. News photographers were invited to talk about their careers and opinions on news photography. Participating are Glenn Baglo, Ralph Bower, John Denniston and Ric Ernst. Enjoy!

Boot Camp: GO8 2013

by Irene Lin

group shot

It started on Monday and went till Friday. According to my calculations, the program lasted five days. My math is correct, right? Then why is it that I feel as if I’ve just survived a month-long boot camp? In the greatest way possible, GO8 will exhaust your soul along with your soles. I think I got more exercise last week than I have in the last year, and simultaneously I also think I’ve eaten more doughnuts last week than I have in my entire life. I’m not promising that if you join GO8 next year you will consume your body weight in fried dough, but that’s more or less what happened for me.
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GO8 turns into an art ROCKET

by YouBin Lee

Art Work by YouBin LeeYouBin Lee interprets her experience at Satellite Gallery with a collage

Trying new things has always made me nervous. This is because of the uncertainty of a new environment and the situations that I will encounter there.  Participating in the GO8 program at Satellite Gallery was an adventure for all of us, where we would be challenging ourselves with the idea and practice of intervention art.

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Yarn Bombing

by Lindsey Foell

What better way to celebrate a successful school year than to make 120+ giant pom-poms and cover a large tree, central to our school’s greenway?

In just one class, senior textiles students at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary used yarn remnants to create large colourful pom-poms, with the intention of installing them outside the school along 23rd Avenue between Fraser and Main Street.

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Where are you now GO8?

Satellite Gallery’s Angela Yang, a former GO8 student, tells us what she’s been up to since her time at the gallery.

I just graduated last year and am doing the one year Arts and Science Transfer program to UBC at Langara right now and hopefully I’ll get in for September. The GO8 Program was absolutely lovely! I really learned a ton about the art scene in Vancouver and about myself along the way too. I made fabulous new friends and the memories during the 2 weeks are priceless! Creating the public art display at the end of the program was a very new experience for me. I guess in a way it added to my experiences with challenging the status quo of society as I am currently taking a course in Peace and Conflict Studies and becoming more aware of the political scene in North America and abroad. I can’t say I’m doing much right now with art, but the program has definitely influenced me to get out more and see what art the city has to offer.

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Introducing Lab

As part of our mandate to engage with the community at large and to serve as an experimental space, the Satellite Gallery is very happy to introduce Lab, a series of workshops with students around Vancouver.

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What we did in spring break…

Spring break is something to look forward to: the anticipation to jump on a plane, stock up the car and hit the road, or just be rid of school for a good two weeks. However, for a group of eight very lucky students there was something different to look forward to: the new GO8 program at the Satellite Gallery. Continue reading