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Dault vs. Cézanne

by Jason Smythe

2015-04-30 21.03.00

This article is written from a place of pure joy. Ever since my triumphant return to Vancouver (and by triumphant I mean I survived a year of grad school in Alberta) I have been radiating pure bliss at levels that far exceed the recommended daily dosage. This “toxicity” that I am oozing so willingly can be attributed to the fact that I am no longer reading academic tomes that seem to strive for Saharan levels of dryness, which I suspect is part of a long-standing and incredibly sadistic plot by ivory tower types to make all grad students more boring at parties. Our pain truly is their pleasure. Continue reading

We are The Collective: Go8 2015

by Farah H. El-Afifi


I don’t think any one of us really knew what to expect out of Go8. I remember us awkwardly shuffling around Satellite Gallery on the first day, not knowing exactly what to do with ourselves. Eventually, we sat in a circle near the elevator and went around introducing ourselves. I could immediately tell that everyone there had so much to offer. Almost instantly we dove into the art world heads first, but we didn’t have to feel lost because we were guided every step of the way by people who were incredibly informed and ready to answer all of our questions. Every tour, presentation, project, and lecture was different and taught things we most probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise. It’s hard to think that the Go8 program lasted less than a week because we everyday was so packed with new information, new experiences, and a new perspective on art.

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Narrowing Down Wikipedians’ Gender Gap: Vancouver is to Host Its First Art+Feminism Edit-a-thon

by Adrian Diaz 20516_10152835781894387_2677854182477410472_n

If you were to physically enter the virtual meeting room of active Wikipedians, the affectionate name given to the thousands of volunteer editors of the popular free online encyclopedia, you would quickly notice an odd demographic distribution. Nearly nine out of every tenth person in that room would be male. Given that Wikipedia’s registration form does not collect their users’ gender information, the exact figures are uncertain. However, several surveys have revealed that only between 9% and 13% of the editors are female.

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Vancouver Especially (A Vancouver Special scaled to its property value in 1973, then increased by 8 fold)

by Kiel Torres

 "Vancouver Especially (A Vancouver Special scaled to its property value in 1973, then increased by 8 fold)", Ken Lum, 2015

“Vancouver Especially (A Vancouver Special scaled to its property value in 1973, then increased by 8 fold)”, Ken Lum, 2015

Condo, trendy café, forward vegan restaurant, hip record store, swanky boutique, Vancouver Special?!, condo, condo, condo…

Ken Lum has transformed 221A’s new outdoor exhibition space at 271 Union Street into the site of crossroads between two Vancouver housing typologies with his new installation, Vancouver Especially (A Vancouver Special scaled to its property value in 1973, then increased by 8 fold). What was once an empty lot sandwiched between two new condominium complexes is now occupied by Lum’s 1:3 scale replica of a Vancouver Special. Continue reading

True Detective: The Dream Gene

by June Lee

Still Image from True Detective (2014)

Still Image from True Detective (2014)

Yesterday marked the last day of classes for university students before the long awaited reading break, and for all of those out there, including myself, hoping to entrap themselves in a blanket and cave with their favourite episodes, I encourage you towards the HBO mystery, True Detective.

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Downtown Gallery Tour and More… Mail Art!

by Ellie Chung

Mail Art Response to Satellite Gallery's MAINSTREETERS Exhibition

Mail Art Response to Satellite Gallery’s MAINSTREETERS Exhibition

Every once in a while, three galleries in Vancouver’s downtown, Audain Gallery, SFU, Satellite Gallery and Contemporary Art Gallery host a series of afternoon guided tour.  Today, we met at Audain Gallery at 1 pm for a tour of Geometry of Knowing Part 2 led by curator Amy Kazymerchyk, 2 pm at Satellite Gallery for a tour of Mainstreeters: Taking Advantage, 1972–1982 led by curators Allison Collins and Michael Turner, and 3pm at Contemporary Art Gallery for a tour of exhibitions by Grace Schwindt and Krista Belle Stewart led by CAG Director, Nigel Prince.

Usually the tour ends at the CAG. But why not a little more?  Continue reading

Photo Essay: Camp Potlatch 2015, Side View

by Ellie Chung

Kenneth Fletcher, Camp Potlatch, performance document, Watson Strasse, c. 1976, Courtesy of Paul Wong

Kenneth Fletcher, Camp Potlatch, performance document, Watson Strasse, c. 1976, Courtesy of Paul Wong

Last Thursday, January 22nd, there was a re-enactment of a rather private action shared by the Mainstreeters back in the 70s’ at Satellite Gallery.

It was Kenneth Flecther’s Camp Potlatch performance named after a summer camp. Directed by another Mainstreeter, Paul Wong, the performer, Edwin Neel smacked the back of his hand couple times with a metal comb and rapidly rotated his arm from the shoulder until his scar started to bleed.

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Exploring Mainstreeters: Taking Advantage, 1972−1982

by Micaela Kwiatkowski

Kenneth Fletcher’s House, 1978, Courtesy of Paul Wong

Kenneth Fletcher’s House, 1978, Courtesy of Paul Wong

Satellite Gallery’s current exhibition, Mainstreeters: Taking Advantage 1972-1982 explores the beginning of an East Vancouver Art Gang. The exhibition includes a variety of film installations —ranging from old school TVs to large projections— of their adventures and artistic experiments. Alongside the film recordings are photographs documenting the group, newspaper clippings, and a crime scene investigation.  Continue reading

Shall We Walk? Little Guide of Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona

by Ellie Chung

Chocolate Amatller Barcelona tin boxes

Chocolate Amatller Barcelona tin boxes

Are you familiar with Chocolate Amatller Barcelona? Yes, they make great tasting chocolate, but they are also famous for the elaborate Art Nouveau style illustrations, mostly by Alphonse Mucha, printed on their chocolate tin boxes. In spite of the clear indication where the company is based from its title, Chocolate Amatller Barcelona, it seems to me many people can buy those fancy chocolate tin boxes as souvenir from different countries around the globe. For me, it was my friend’s gift from her stay in Paris. One day I saw a twitter feed saying now Chocolate Amatller Barcelona products are sold in Dubai… Continue reading

Artist Profile: Byungseo Yoo

by Jae in Jung

Artist Byungseo Yoo and curator, Sojin Kim by Yoo's Disposable Cinema (2014)

Artist Byungseo Yoo and curator, Sojin Kim by Yoo’s Disposable Cinema (2014)

Korea-based artist Byungseo Yoo has recently made his journey to Vancouver for his first exhibition in Canada. His works are currently being exhibited in Vancouver at Public Storage. Considering the nature of the space—a repository for forgotten objects—one may think of it as an unlikely place to display an artwork. That said, it is a suitable place for Yoo’s installation Disposable Cinema (2014), which touches on the theme of ephemerality and chance. In this work, Yoo has created a cine projector out of disposable materials such as plastic bottles, styrofoam, paper cups, and wooden boxes.

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