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Book Review: Paris June Fourth, Fifth, & Sixth, Two Thousand & Six by Dana Claxton

by June Lee


Capture Photography festival is an event that features local and international artists and their accomplishments as the media of photography and documentation. Dana Claxton, a Vancouver based artist, has contributed many of her works including her book Paris June Fourth, Fifth, & Sixth, Two Thousand & Six, which recounts her three day stay in Paris, France. Her book contains 77 black and white photographs taken from Parisian urban life, that investigate issues of gender studies, Western culture fetishes, and the commodification of aboriginal aesthetics in contemporary culture. Continue reading

Visual Reconstruction of Ideology and Freedom: Only A Free Individual Can Create A Free Society by Grace Schwindt

by Shaina Marie

Grace Schwindt, untitled, 2014 Silk

Grace Schwindt, untitled  (2014)

I stepped into the Contemporary Art Gallery and peered through hundreds of ceiling-to-floor silk ribbons that partitioned the gallery space, separating the cinematic and sculptural components of the exhibition. On one half, you are confronted with a feature-length film installation, Only A Free Individual Can Create A Free Society (2014), in which artist Grace Schwindt reflects on her childhood in leftist Germany by interviewing a leftwing activist shaped by 1960s and ’70s politics. Alongside the film installation stands a sculptural piece created from salt crystals, bronze and ceramic, reminiscent of images within the film.  Continue reading

Art of Storytelling: A Visit to Ola Volo’s Solo Show Opening

by Ellie Chung

Ola Volo

Ola Volo

Last Thursday night, I rushed to Make studio, located on east 7th avenue where a Vancouver based illustrator from Kazakhstan, Ola Volo’s solo show opening was taking place. Ola Volo is well known for her distinctive artistic style: flattened, highly intricate and decorative images of figures, architecture, domestic commodities, flora and fauna with a variety of elaborate patterns. When I arrived, it was ten minutes to the end of the event. However the atmosphere there was far from closing.

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Shall We Walk? Little Guide of Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona

by Ellie Chung

Chocolate Amatller Barcelona tin boxes

Chocolate Amatller Barcelona tin boxes

Are you familiar with Chocolate Amatller Barcelona? Yes, they make great tasting chocolate, but they are also famous for the elaborate Art Nouveau style illustrations, mostly by Alphonse Mucha, printed on their chocolate tin boxes. In spite of the clear indication where the company is based from its title, Chocolate Amatller Barcelona, it seems to me many people can buy those fancy chocolate tin boxes as souvenir from different countries around the globe. For me, it was my friend’s gift from her stay in Paris. One day I saw a twitter feed saying now Chocolate Amatller Barcelona products are sold in Dubai… Continue reading

Exhibition Review: Unscrolled, Reframing Tradition in Chinese Contemporary Art

by Micaela Kwiatkowski

photo 1

The element of surprise in the Vancouver Art Gallery’s latest exhibition, Unscrolled: Reframing Tradition in Chinese Contemporary Art caught me off guard. Through mediums ranging from large-scale installation to painting and digital media, Unscrolled juxtaposes the traditional Chinese Art on display in The Forbidden City against a breadth of contemporary art practices. Continue reading

23 Days at Sea: Interview with Kimberly Phillips

by Jae in Jung

chile 1

Ross Kelly, 12 12 122 12 12 121, 2011. Inkjet print (detail).

Access Gallery held its Annual Auction fundraiser on Saturday, November 15, 2014. With artworks generously donated by more than 60 local and international artists, some of the proceeds of this fundraiser will go towards the development of Access’ new Traveling Artist Residency, Twenty-three Days at Sea. The residency will enable selected artists to book passage aboard a cargo ship and sail across the Pacific Ocean from Vancouver to Shanghai, China. These artists will be considered“in residence”for the 23 days aboard the vessel. The following interview is with Access Gallery‘s Director/Curator, Kimberly Phillips. Twenty-three Days at Sea will be officially announced through a press release and Call for Submissions in early December, 2014. Continue reading

The Enduring Allure of Utopian Communities

By Sarah Davidson desertutopia7 Arcosanti is best described as a never-realized utopia. Dreamed up by architect Paolo Soleri in 1970, the (self-described) despot imagined a thriving city of 5000 in the middle of the Arizona desert. Soleri’s uncompromising vision doomed his ambitions, but Arcology, Soleri’s benevolent if deeply quixotic philosophy, persists in attracting thousands of visitors and a few dozen transient residents each year.

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The Other NYC Marathon

by Kiel Torres

IMG_7894 edit

Every two years, my high school’s Art Department offers a five day trip to New York City. Between March 29th and April 4th, a group of 29 Point Grey senior art students including myself set out to explore the city under the watchful eyes of our four teacher chaperones. To describe the itinerary as “busy” would be a complete understatement. The minute we landed at JFK, the theoretical rug woven from relaxed, west-coast vibes was abruptly yanked from under our feet and replaced with one that was hastily stitched together and embroidered with the colourful veins of a metro map. Our itinerary mirrored the fast pace of the city and was jam-packed with gallery visits, theatre shows and sightseeing opportunities. Let’s just say that this school trip was the double espresso of school trips. Continue reading

Warp Time with Warp Self No.3 by Tatsuo Miyajima

by Hena Wang


Tatsuo Miyajima is a contemporary artist who creates artwork based on his concept of The Life and the themes “keep changing”, “continue forever”, and “connect with everything”. The Life, or in its original Japanese form, Inochi, describes life not only limited to us human beings, but anything that is living, including plants and animals. The Life is an all inclusive concept for the relationship of time and existence. Continue reading

Yangachi’s “Surveillance Opera”

by Areum Kim

yangachi 2

Still from Yangachi’s 007:Surveillance Opera, 2008

Here is an artist who is digging the frontier of new media/performance-based art using surveillance cameras. South Korean artist Yangachi, whose pseudonym in Korean means a ‘jerk’, produced 007: Surveillance Opera (2008) using CCTV cameras that are ubiquitously installed in everyday places, a phenomenon that is becoming more and more systematic and obsessive. Yangachi manages to hijack these security cameras that are meant to continuously survey citizens, and he uses them as the channel to broadcast and record his recreation of a scene from the famous 007 movies. Continue reading