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Digital Agency and Resistance from Tank Magazine

by Joanna Chaffin


The last time that I went to pick up a magazine, I was immediately drawn to Tank. It’s not the easiest magazine in the world to come by, especially in Canada, as it’s published in the UK, but definitely worth a read if you get your hands on it. When flipping through the Spring 2014 issue titled “Complicity,” I couldn’t help but notice the emphasis that was put on digitization and technology. It seemed that with every new article I was being referred to a different page which told me how to “bring the magazine to life” by downloading an app that would allow me to watch videos which correspond to the article. Continue reading

Acne, Jeff Wall, and Normcore: Examining the Mundane

by Joanna Chaffin


Normcore as a term has been getting a lot of buzz lately, usually describing the resurgence and popularity of dressing, well, normal. A trend in fashion that seems sort of ridiculous, normcore, favours the everyday silhouettes, brands and shapes that are usually not given a second glance. What some might say is the “anti-fashion” seems to be very in-fashion at the moment. Continue reading

What Right?

By Tobin Gibson

Jils 2

In navigating the contemporary retail environment, appropriation appears as a by-product of production. My first interaction with Jil Sander’s infamous shopper was in Selfridges one grey London afternoon, with the sac carelessly thrown under a thick pane of glass that composed a surface for other Sander merchandise. Its casual, slumped nature seemed to pose a threat to its regal shopping environment. Continue reading