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Questioning Lazy Generation: Matthew Williamson’s Down and Out

by Ellie Chung

Matthew Williamson Down and Out, 2012

Matthew Williamson, Down and Out, 2012

Take a look at Matthew Williamson’s ‘tutorials on thinking deeply in a shallow way,’ Down and Out series (2012). The artist commodifies one’s internal private thoughts by externalizing and then sharing to a nonspecific broad public with minimal articulation. There are total 25 short videos, each featuring iPhone generated 3D animations rotating slowly for about a minute and a half. The viewers will hear Williamson musingly commenting about personal insights regarding the internet culture and technology such as emails or smartphones and google image search. The consequences of bringing personal moments of self-reflections into the realm of public consumption remain questionable. Continue reading

The Act of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes

by Alex Southey

Ed Atkins, A Primer for Cadavers, 2011 Video still

Ed Atkins, A Primer for Cadavers, 2011 (video still)

The title of this article is also the title of Contemporary Art Gallery’s current exhibition that I just attended. The gallery’s lobby is fairly plain and although BC Binning Gallery one hallway over is as well, it is artistic in itself. Rugs are laid out across a black floor, and the only light in the room comes from the screen consistently showing one video submission after another. There are chairs on the left and right side of the room, and a long couch at the back. Continue reading

Collective Consciousne$$/Awkward Sweaty Dan¢e Party

by Kevin McCallum, Aly Slobodov, Kiel Torres, Cosette Bote, Catherine Wang, Forever Young


So today we went to this party. There were pieces of fabric strewn across the floor, bundles of coloured light gels squished in the corners, and a beer can hanging from a ceiling pipe. All materials are found in the storeroom that is in the gallery. The art pieces look like random items scattered on the floor, or hanging on different places, it looks fresh to us.

Camera 1 (5)Our first interactions with the artists involved in EXTENDED PARTY MIX could be compared to the initial awkwardness of walking into a party. We exchanged our “hums and haws”, “likes and ums”, but as Continue reading

Hubble Telescope: Science or Art?

by Sarah Davidson

Here’s an interesting case of the intersection of science and art: the false colouring of Hubble telescope images. The Hubble images we see in print, those sublime swirls of psychedelic colour, are actually composites. Hubble creates pictures of the cosmos by recording different wavelengths, most of which are invisible to the human eye, so to us the result is black and white. The wavelengths are then assigned colours and layered to create the spectacular composites that make it into print. The Hubble website even explains the Photoshop process for creating the colour-filled cosmos: Continue reading