Downtown Gallery Tour and More… Mail Art!

by Ellie Chung

Mail Art Response to Satellite Gallery's MAINSTREETERS Exhibition

Mail Art Response to Satellite Gallery’s MAINSTREETERS Exhibition

Every once in a while, three galleries in Vancouver’s downtown, Audain Gallery, SFU, Satellite Gallery and Contemporary Art Gallery host a series of afternoon guided tour.  Today, we met at Audain Gallery at 1 pm for a tour of Geometry of Knowing Part 2 led by curator Amy Kazymerchyk, 2 pm at Satellite Gallery for a tour of Mainstreeters: Taking Advantage, 1972–1982 led by curators Allison Collins and Michael Turner, and 3pm at Contemporary Art Gallery for a tour of exhibitions by Grace Schwindt and Krista Belle Stewart led by CAG Director, Nigel Prince.

Usually the tour ends at the CAG. But why not a little more? 

Tour with the curators, Allison Collins and Micheal Turner. Courtesy of Fotoverre

Tour with the curators, Allison Collins and Micheal Turner
Courtesy of Fotoverre

Having tours of three different exhibitions one after another, many of the tour participants had a chance not only to have more in depth insights of each show, but also in relation to one another. Today, I heard peoples’ conversations, making connections between the Bauhaus weavings and designs from the Audain gallery to the First Native women’s weaving practices that they saw at the CAG. Some were talking about the strong identity constructed around one’s neighborhood like the MAINSTREETERS while others were thinking about the discourse of national and ethnic identity like Grace Schwindt and Krista Belle Stewart.

Mail Art Workshop

Mail Art Workshop at Satellite Gallery Bookstore Area 

Every participant had something to talk about from today’s tour series. Even the usual  ‘I don’t get it’ response is still valid. And there is no harm to share some thoughts. So, some of us headed back to Satellite Gallery at 4pm and created mail arts in response to today’s experience! Following images are the works made from the mail art workshop.


There are many more fun mail art works from today. All the works are going to be photo documented and delivered to the appropriate gallery that they responded to. Many thanks to everybody who came to the tours and mail art workshop!  Those who missed, no worries. There will be more.

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