Vancouver Art/Book Fair: Part 2

by Zoya Mirzaghitova


Phew! Another crazy weekend filled with art, books, and art books came to a close. We had a blast at this year’s Vancouver Art/Book Fair. A big thank you to Project Space for making it happen!

Here are some of our adventures at the Fair:

We settled in on the third floor of the Vancouver Art Gallery, in the old law courts. You might say that the dusty, old, disused court rooms are a good place for the “dying” print media but as you walk around and browse the tables, it is clear how thriving and current print media can be.


Of course, it was hard to sit around and not see the whole Fair, so when I had a chance to slip away from the Satellite table, I discovered this pair of South American artists who create concrete objects out of concrete poetry. These beautifully screen printed, hand-cut objects were very hard to resist.


Then we discovered that Publication Studio Vancouver published a book by Didier Morelli, who did a workshop for GO8 this past spring! There were some parallels between his book, “La Fete Permanente,” and The Graey’s new zine.


There were many events throughout the weekend, panel discussions, talks, presentations, and launches. Thought we were not able to attend most of them, we got a taste from the very talented announcers (one of them, our very own Sarah Davidson) who stood up on chairs and informed each room about each upcoming event.


This was the view from our table on the third day, just as the public was trickling in. It was a wonderful turn out, a very busy weekend! We have now moved back in to our permanent bookstore at the Gallery, anticipating next year’s excitement. In case you missed this eventful weekend, both Sarah Davidson’s Wander and The Graey’s zine will remain available at our bookstore. Drop by anytime Wednesday to Saturday, 12 to 6!


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