Monthly Archives: October 2014

Foggy Connections: The Archive and The Port

By Jaclyn Guse


While Artist Mathew Buckingham speaks to the physical and metaphorically changing landscape of port cities in his video “Obscure Moorings”, curator Cate Rimmer creates a bridge of historical relevance to our own city through “The Port”. Established in 1964, the port of Vancouver (now known as Port Metro Vancouver) has grown to be Canada’s largest and most diversified port, and is at the heart of our city’s bustling economy. Black and white photographs of Vancouver’s port beginnings, obtained from the Vancouver Archive collection, are adhered to the walls of the first room in the gallery. Gazing here and there, curator Cate Rimmer’s selection mimics Buckingham’s film, by providing only fragments of the port-city narrative. Placed without regard to chronology, and lacking obvious signage (a list of the works is available upon request), viewers are asked to interact with the snapshots organically.

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Adrift: Matthew Buckingham’s Obscure Moorings at Satellite

by Sarah Davidson


Matthew Buckingham’s show, on now at Satellite, situates viewers in a strange position relative to his wandering film. Viewers are implicated in the act of understanding the film, and this is highlighted most immediately by the artist’s spatial intervention in the gallery: a gigantic wave-shaped viewing platform, covered in carpet. Buckingham often takes history and narrative as his subjects, and this work is no exception. In Obscure Moorings, based on an obscure character sketch by Herman Melville, a defunct sailor meanders unhappily through modern-day Liverpool and eventually dies.

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Vancouver Art/Book Fair: Part 2

by Zoya Mirzaghitova


Phew! Another crazy weekend filled with art, books, and art books came to a close. We had a blast at this year’s Vancouver Art/Book Fair. A big thank you to Project Space for making it happen! Continue reading

Vancouver Art/Book Fair: Part 1

by Sarah Davidson


Did you know that Satellite Gallery loves books? We really do. We love talking about books, we love reading books, and we even sell books! For the love of books, Satellite Gallery is currently taking part in the Vancouver Art/Book Fair (VA/BF). This is our second time participating in the event, which runs from 12-5pm this Saturday and Sunday at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Continue reading