Monthly Archives: June 2014

Acne, Jeff Wall, and Normcore: Examining the Mundane

by Joanna Chaffin


Normcore as a term has been getting a lot of buzz lately, usually describing the resurgence and popularity of dressing, well, normal. A trend in fashion that seems sort of ridiculous, normcore, favours the everyday silhouettes, brands and shapes that are usually not given a second glance. What some might say is the “anti-fashion” seems to be very in-fashion at the moment. Continue reading

Another Godzilla Movie

by Alex Southey


Despite the number of existing Godzilla movies, yet another has been released in to the world by Warner Bros this May. This Godzilla, directed by Gareth Edwards, is a retelling of the origin story. I found that though this film was void of genuine substance, doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun to watch. Continue reading

Spacious Ladder: Found Scaffold/Architectural Sculpture/Curious Construction/Perfect Blue

by Katharina Schulz

spacious ladder

I first saw the piece of scaffolding that is now “Spacious Ladder” down in the big old warehouse studio at Victoria and Triumph that I had been sharing with Sarah and Rachel Seburn. They had been looking for a piece of scaffolding, and this one was just the right hue of construction blue. It experienced a brief stint as a bungee-cord-suspended DJ table on a tropical, late night Evening Music Event this Spring. Now we are loitering, catching up, and shooting the shit under “Spacious Ladder’s” newly found function as Access Gallery’s awning. The Seburns—sisters and artistic collaborators—tell me how the work became a joint effort with the boys over at “The Flats,” the condo development that is going up directly across the street. Continue reading

Nepotism in Film

by Alexander Southey

ffandsofiacoppolaNepotism is, loosely, favoritism. Favoritism can be found everywhere in cinema, be it between family or friends, and, though it can end in bumbling stupidity and a waste of film time, it has also produced genius. Here, I’ll explore two great cases of nepotism—the Coppola and Reitman Families. Continue reading