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Mad Sublime: Why Mad Men is Art

by Jason Smythe

Mad Men

I have a confession to make: I am an addict. My addiction: Mad Men. And with the show on hiatus until 2015 I am suffering from serious withdrawals. I thought I had experienced pain but I was mistaken, for there is no pain greater than a Mad Men detoxification. But in-between the jags of immense soul-crushing pain I had an epiphany, and it was that Mad Men is more than a TV show – it is art. What is my definition of art and how Mad Men reaches such lofty heights? Read more to find out. Continue reading

A Truly Terrible Beauty: On the Photographs of Edward Burtynsky

by Brandon Chow


Edward Burtynsky, Markarfljot River #1, Erosion Control, Iceland, 2012, chromogenic print, Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Gift of the Artist, © Edward Burtynsky, Courtesy Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto/Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary

A few years ago, a nimbler, more tender version of myself went on an adventure around the Fraser River sawmills in Richmond late one night. As I clambered up lanky metal frames for a better look at the landscape, a fascinating scene spread out before me. Large spotlights illuminated a mammoth of modern engineering, built of cranes, trucks and bulldozers. Like a people sized ant colony, everything worked in efficient mechanical step to draw large sticks out of the water and off for manufacturing. It really was a remarkable process to watch—the grandiose scale, mechanical precision and enormous volume of consumption taking place. And when do we really get a chance to look at these behind-the-scenes operations anyways? Continue reading

TIME TO LET GO—A Lesson in Manners

by Kiel Torres

VAG Offsite 2

When I think of terracotta, I think of strength: tiles of stability, roofs of protection, statues of preservation, and warriors of the afterlife. It can hold its own against the elements and withstand almost any form of manipulation, but it is weak in the face of gravity. Continue reading

Draw Down Video: Behind the Scenes

by Yasmine Whaley-Kalaora


Draw Down Vancouver is an annual hands-on drawing event that happens across the city in celebration of drawing.  It challenges preconceptions about drawing and works to connect everyone with the making of art.  This year Vancouver Draw Down is happening on Saturday, June 14th in multiple venues across Vancouver, Canada. Continue reading

What Right?

By Tobin Gibson

Jils 2

In navigating the contemporary retail environment, appropriation appears as a by-product of production. My first interaction with Jil Sander’s infamous shopper was in Selfridges one grey London afternoon, with the sac carelessly thrown under a thick pane of glass that composed a surface for other Sander merchandise. Its casual, slumped nature seemed to pose a threat to its regal shopping environment. Continue reading