Collective Consciousne$$/Awkward Sweaty Dan¢e Party

by Kevin McCallum, Aly Slobodov, Kiel Torres, Cosette Bote, Catherine Wang, Forever Young


So today we went to this party. There were pieces of fabric strewn across the floor, bundles of coloured light gels squished in the corners, and a beer can hanging from a ceiling pipe. All materials are found in the storeroom that is in the gallery. The art pieces look like random items scattered on the floor, or hanging on different places, it looks fresh to us.

Camera 1 (5)Our first interactions with the artists involved in EXTENDED PARTY MIX could be compared to the initial awkwardness of walking into a party. We exchanged our “hums and haws”, “likes and ums”, but as

Finding your place? MaybezCamera 1 (7)

Our initial thought upon entering the exhibit was “…was a party thrown in here?”. The theme of party was evident throughout the exhibit, from the beer cans to the crumpled light gels left on the floor. The overall feel of the exhibit is clustered, messy, unorganized, and inhabited; perfect for the theme of partying. Camera 1 (13)

Their art works come from the definition of “party”, messy but free and nothing is limited. The interesting thing is you don’t know what would happen when you go into the ”party”, just like you don’t know what you would do for your project initially. But gradually you realize your surroundings become more and more familiar, and it seems like inspiration is coming right away.Camera 2 (3)

The approach to this exhibit is like a party. Pulling up to the party, knowing absolutely no one or what’s going on and forcing you to socialize with the hot mess that’s going on the dance floor. In this case, the public is forced to interact with the artwork and artists. The experience takes a while to get the feel of things putting the public in collaboration with the artists.

The nightclub underneath the art gallery served as inspiration for the site specific installation. The music booming through the walls contributes to the art being formed and deformed in the gallery. For example, a red ribbon in the shape of a star was beginning to sag due to the vibrations produced by the club DA CLUBCamera 2 (6)ARTISTIC PROCESS _ FREEDOM, open, no limits, no ending

Arts come from everywhere and they happen naturally. Inspiration also comes from everything happened. Sometimes, the artists don’t really know what the processes are. However, when they start to put something on they would soon know what sort of emotion they want to express,

Camera 2 (12)

Traditionally the process of an art exhibit or of one particular art piece is all up to the original artist. But this exhibit is like an awkward breath of fresh air. Similar to walking into a party full of people you initially don’t know but eventually meet and bond with, in this exhibit you’re walking into a room full of art you don’t understand but you quickly learn the meaning and see the beauty of the style.Email 1 (1)

The lack of scheduled goals set by the artists lead to more fluid development of the work. This created more artistic freedom for the MFA students to see where their work takes them.


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