Daily Archives: April 23, 2014

Collective Consciousne$$/Awkward Sweaty Dan¢e Party

by Kevin McCallum, Aly Slobodov, Kiel Torres, Cosette Bote, Catherine Wang, Forever Young


So today we went to this party. There were pieces of fabric strewn across the floor, bundles of coloured light gels squished in the corners, and a beer can hanging from a ceiling pipe. All materials are found in the storeroom that is in the gallery. The art pieces look like random items scattered on the floor, or hanging on different places, it looks fresh to us.

Camera 1 (5)Our first interactions with the artists involved in EXTENDED PARTY MIX could be compared to the initial awkwardness of walking into a party. We exchanged our “hums and haws”, “likes and ums”, but as Continue reading