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Collective Consciousne$$/Awkward Sweaty Dan¢e Party

by Kevin McCallum, Aly Slobodov, Kiel Torres, Cosette Bote, Catherine Wang, Forever Young


So today we went to this party. There were pieces of fabric strewn across the floor, bundles of coloured light gels squished in the corners, and a beer can hanging from a ceiling pipe. All materials are found in the storeroom that is in the gallery. The art pieces look like random items scattered on the floor, or hanging on different places, it looks fresh to us.

Camera 1 (5)Our first interactions with the artists involved in EXTENDED PARTY MIX could be compared to the initial awkwardness of walking into a party. We exchanged our “hums and haws”, “likes and ums”, but as Continue reading

The Other NYC Marathon

by Kiel Torres

IMG_7894 edit

Every two years, my high school’s Art Department offers a five day trip to New York City. Between March 29th and April 4th, a group of 29 Point Grey senior art students including myself set out to explore the city under the watchful eyes of our four teacher chaperones. To describe the itinerary as “busy” would be a complete understatement. The minute we landed at JFK, the theoretical rug woven from relaxed, west-coast vibes was abruptly yanked from under our feet and replaced with one that was hastily stitched together and embroidered with the colourful veins of a metro map. Our itinerary mirrored the fast pace of the city and was jam-packed with gallery visits, theatre shows and sightseeing opportunities. Let’s just say that this school trip was the double espresso of school trips. Continue reading

20 Questions Series: Germaine Koh

What is this, 20 questions?

We caught Germaine Koh at her studio in Elm Park to ask her a few questions, well, 20 to be exact. This is the inaugural video of a new series by Satellite Gallery: 20 Questions! Continue reading

Go9 and Three-Quarters

by Danaan C-J and Mara I-G


Imagine having only 5 days to experience all of Paris. In not even one week, your task is to soak up the city’s entire history, to visit every one of its famous sites and monuments, and by the end of the week, to have immersed yourself so completely in Parisian culture that you will have come to the point where you can call yourself a local. Now picture being given the same task, but applied to the Vancouver art scene. Welcome to Go8. Continue reading