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The Missing Corner—Legends lost and found at Satellite Gallery

by Rhys Edwards

photo 4

The eclecticism of the O’Brian collection encourages patrons of Cindy Sherman meets D’zunukwa to find parallels between works which wouldn’t normally be shown together. Although Sherman’s pre-eminent status within recent art history warrants her inclusion in the title of the exhibit, the combined efforts of the show’s four curators have produced an array of relational meanings which extend far beyond her immediate presence. The most interesting of these meanings, arguably, reside in the far corner of Satellite’s first gallery space. Continue reading

Beau Dick: Hamat’sa Dance

Beau Dick’s mask, on exhibit at Satellite Gallery until March 29, 2014, is not just a work of art or an object for display. It was created for and danced during a Hamat’sa dance at the artist’s potlatch in 2010. We would like to thank Beau Dick for generously sharing this video clip of the mask as it is ceremonially presented in the community bighouse at Alert Bay.  Continue reading

Warp Time with Warp Self No.3 by Tatsuo Miyajima

by Hena Wang


Tatsuo Miyajima is a contemporary artist who creates artwork based on his concept of The Life and the themes “keep changing”, “continue forever”, and “connect with everything”. The Life, or in its original Japanese form, Inochi, describes life not only limited to us human beings, but anything that is living, including plants and animals. The Life is an all inclusive concept for the relationship of time and existence. Continue reading

Moyra Davey: Ornament and Reproach tour with Marina Roy

On Saturday, January 18th, Marina Roy gave a tour of our previous show, Moyra Davey: Ornament and Reproach. Continue reading

A First Encounter with the Work of Eldzier Cortor

by Rachel Ozerkevich

“Dance Composition 35” early 1990s. Etching with aquatint on paper. Courtesy of the Kelley Collection

“Dance Composition 35” early 1990s. Etching with aquatint on paper. Courtesy of the Kelley Collection

I encountered a retrospective of Eldzier Cortor’s prints at the San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA) last week. Moving to Texas from Vancouver has given me an opportunity to explore cities and arts centres that have so far been inaccessible to me. I had never heard of Cortor but was thrilled to see a contemporary artist working in print media—a practice I feel personally connected to and familiar with through some (limited) first hand exposure. Continue reading