Bound 2: Kanye West as a Disaster Artist

by Jason Smythe

bound 2 2

If you haven’t seen the music video for Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2’ yet then please stop what you are doing and go watch it. It is utterly atrocious, and has to be one of the worst music videos of all time. However, as awful as it is it is still an important video, because it reminds us that even a great artist like Kanye West can momentarily become a ‘disaster artist’—an artist that produces a work or works that are so awful that they end up gaining massive popularity because of it. But there is one question that I want to know the answer to: what caused Kanye to produce a piece of disaster art? By analyzing the video I have come to the conclusion that this occurred because his narcissism has become completely out of control. To explain how this video reveals Kanye’s insane narcissism I will do a scene by scene analysis. Enjoy.

bound 2 0


0:12 – We are twelve seconds into the video and already we have seen numerous lame landscape shots, a horribly animated bird, and now a bunch of creepy white horses galloping towards the camera. It is already a complete disaster and we haven’t even begun to see the parts that reveal Kanye’s narcissism! Seriously, this video is awful.


0:32 – For the past twenty seconds I have been watching horses gallop. I want those twenty seconds back.


Bound 2 cover

0:37 – Finally, the first sighting of the master narcissist himself! I am so happy to see something that isn’t horses galloping that I’ll ignore the horribly stupid t-shirt we see him wearing at the 0:40 mark. (See image below.)

Bound 2 bad shirt

Author’s aside: Why is his motorcycle flying? I am dead serious – his motorcycle is flying through the sky. How is that even possible?

bound 2 15

0:45 – First Kim Kardashian sighting. Kim and Kanye are engaged in real life, so now we know why he is on his flying motorcycle: he is flying to the woman he loves.

1:05 – I want to stop watching this video so badly. It is so repetitive. (Kind of like this article, right? God I hope not.) But I will soldier on, because I am obviously a hero.

1:27: At this point in the song the lyrics have revealed that Kanye is a man with a bad reputation with women, but the woman he is meeting on his flying motorcycle is the one he is trying, and willing, to change for. This suggests that the video will be intimate instead of self-indulgent, but as you will soon see things go terribly wrong.

1:50 – Kim starts kissing Kanye while they are both on his physics defying motorcycle. We are now inching closer to seeing Kanye’s narcissism.

1:57 – And now they are having sex on the motorcycle. That can’t be comfortable.

bound 2 1

2:53 – Kim and Kanye are still having sex on the motorcycle, and we finally see his narcissism rear its ugly head. While they are having sex Kim actually seems into it, and is focused on Kanye. But he is barely making eye contact with her, and seems far more interested in talking about himself than in paying attention to her. And that is why this video is such a disaster: Kanye isn’t even able to fake interest in his future wife—he’s too busy thinking about himself and how cool his flying motorcycle is. (Or whatever it is that Kanye thinks about—he probably has a lot of cool stuff.) Because of his narcissism he isn’t able to assess himself or his work accurately, because in his mind everything he does is amazing. Hence this god awful mess of a video—only a person who is completely in love with their own reflection would look at this video and think “yeah, this is good! Let’s release this to the public.”

3:17 – Further proof of his narcissism: Kanye implies that he is Jesus. I also want to point out that they are still having sex on his magical motorcycle, and seem to have traveled across the entire USA.

3:26 – 3:28 – In this two second span I have seen both Kanye and Kim’s O-face. I don’t think I needed to see this. But someone who is a total narcissist would probably think otherwise.

3:32 – Kanye keeps holding his hands out like he’s Jesus on the cross. If that doesn’t scream rampant narcissism then I don’t know what does. He’s an excellent rapper, but I don’t think that makes you the next messiah. But I’ve never read the bible so maybe he knows something that I don’t.

bound 2 christ

3:43 – More Kanye as Christ imagery.

4:13 – It’s over! Thank god/Kanye-Christ! I also just figured out how his motorcycle is able to fly: he’s Jesus, so anything is possible!

So what can we, as humble non-Christ like entities, glean from this video? For one, if you start believing you are the next Jesus you will start producing disaster art. But is disaster art such a bad thing? I say no. Why? The answer is simple: when we view something that qualifies as disaster art we gain an even greater appreciation for the sublime—for art that is so good that it is transcendent. So I want to thank you, Kanye-Christ, because you have made me enjoy all my favourite pieces of art just a little bit more. But it`s probably time you stop comparing yourself to Jesus. I really don’t want to watch another video like this for a long time.



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