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Bound 2: Kanye West as a Disaster Artist

by Jason Smythe

bound 2 2

If you haven’t seen the music video for Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2’ yet then please stop what you are doing and go watch it. It is utterly atrocious, and has to be one of the worst music videos of all time. However, as awful as it is it is still an important video, because it reminds us that even a great artist like Kanye West can momentarily become a ‘disaster artist’—an artist that produces a work or works that are so awful that they end up gaining massive popularity because of it. But there is one question that I want to know the answer to: what caused Kanye to produce a piece of disaster art? By analyzing the video I have come to the conclusion that this occurred because his narcissism has become completely out of control. To explain how this video reveals Kanye’s insane narcissism I will do a scene by scene analysis. Enjoy. Continue reading

“The Hunt of the Unicorn”: Interview with Ruth Jones


Unicorns—rainbows, magic and… medieval tapestries? Hitoric Scotland has undertaken an exciting project to recreate a series of medieval tapestries entitled the “The Historie of the Unicorne” (sic) that had once hung in Stirling Castle. A historically rich location, Stirling Castle was the childhood home of Mary, Queen of Scots; the last Scottish monarch who fought to preserve the Scottish Throne. It was there that she was crowned and where she narrowly escaped death in 1561.

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