Fast forward 100 years to the Museum of the Obsolete.

You stroll through the rows upon rows of artefacts, noticing the collection of dusty VCR machines, clunky landline telephones and mannequins sporting Snuggies; suddenly, you are hit with a wave of nostalgia so strong your legs buckle beneath you. Enclosed in a glass casing, atop a plinth, lies the most elegant tool that has ever graced the planet: the letter opener.

I have never met someone who dislikes receiving mail. Well, utility bills are the exception of course, but I’m talking about MAIL-mail: handwritten letters, birthday cards, thank you notes, postcards, and the like. The anticipation for the reply, the seasonal stamp, the warmth of seeing the penmanship of a loved one, and of course the belly-flop of excitement when you realize you are the lucky recipient of a bubble wrapped package, are all instant mood lifters.

Whether you like to tear your envelopes to shreds, or carefully run your finger beneath the flap for a clean rip, there is something very precious about mail…but if mail is so awesome, why is it becoming a dying art?

Point Gallery has chosen to explore this concept in their upcoming inaugural show entitled Going Postal. Located in a converted storage room in Point Grey Secondary School, Point Gallery is a student-run gallery dedicated to showcasing artwork created by young artists. A team of passionate students, from grades eight through twelve, is responsible for soliciting submissions, initiating, curating, scheduling, and promoting shows, as well as providing artwork for the exhibitions within the Gallery.

The curators of Going Postal want to invite you to be their pen pals. Simply decorate an envelope, enclose a super rad drawing, lick the nasty glue-tab to seal it, and send it off to:

Point Grey Secondary

5350 East Boulevard

Vancouver, B.C. V6M 3V2


Submission deadline: October 31st

As a thank you, expect a little something in return…I can’t give anything away, but hey, there is a chance there will be some bubble-wrap.

If you are interested with keeping up with the Point Gallery, follow them on Instagram – @pointgreyart and check out the PG Art Blog –

Brought to you with the linguistic stylings of Kiel Torres.


One response to “THIS IS AN INTERVENTION: Going Postal

  1. Point Grey Art Club / Point Gallery Facebook Webmistress

    Thank you! This post is simply lovely and awesome to see! It’s great that our simple school sized show is getting attention of bigger audiences! Will be sharing this blog post at our Facebook page! Just search Point Grey Art on Facebook and like us! :D

    Thank you! We’re now Going Postal, and beyond!

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