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Stepping into Performance – A High Fashion Hybrid from Rick Owens’ Vicious

by Joanna Chaffin


Aggression, rebellion, and breaking down barriers have all been notions intertwined in the work of performance art. Live action performance in art has stood to provoke an audience, make them cringe, scared and generally elicit a strong emotional reaction. From Marina Abromovic to Chris Burden to Yoko Ono, performance is something that tends to stick with us because of it’s oftentimes a ‘shock to the system’ due to the medium itself. Continue reading



Fast forward 100 years to the Museum of the Obsolete.

You stroll through the rows upon rows of artefacts, noticing the collection of dusty VCR machines, clunky landline telephones and mannequins sporting Snuggies; suddenly, you are hit with a wave of nostalgia so strong your legs buckle beneath you. Enclosed in a glass casing, atop a plinth, lies the most elegant tool that has ever graced the planet: the letter opener. Continue reading

Apathy at the CAG

by Jason Smythe

image (1)

Writing about art, in my humble opinion, is one of the greatest pleasures. But what happens when you have to write an article about something you did not really care for? What if you see an installation and your ultimate reaction is to shrug your shoulders and let a slightly audible “meh” escape from your lips? Continue reading

Hubble Telescope: Science or Art?

by Sarah Davidson

Here’s an interesting case of the intersection of science and art: the false colouring of Hubble telescope images. The Hubble images we see in print, those sublime swirls of psychedelic colour, are actually composites. Hubble creates pictures of the cosmos by recording different wavelengths, most of which are invisible to the human eye, so to us the result is black and white. The wavelengths are then assigned colours and layered to create the spectacular composites that make it into print. The Hubble website even explains the Photoshop process for creating the colour-filled cosmos: Continue reading


Our Day at the Vancouver Art/Book Fair – LIVE

This gallery contains 17 photos.

Here are some exciting interactions Sarah, Yasmine and Erin had at the Art/Book Fair today. Top photo by Zoya Mirzaghitova, all other photos by Sarah Davidson.