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Vancouver Art/Book Fair: Interview with Tracy Stefannuci

logo-2013Do you get excited about art you can hold in your hands? Vancouver Art/Book (VA/BF) fair organizer Tracy Stefannuci does.  We asked her about second annual Fair, coming to the Vancouver Art Gallery on October 5 and 6th. Continue reading


Musings on the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Ai Wei Wei: According to What? Part 2

by Rachel Ozerkevich

WeiWei 1

Ai Wei Wei’s practice has long extended beyond classical artistic media. While he does continue to work in photography, sculpture and film, his online presence via blogging, Facebook and Twitter has become a main vehicle for his musings and political beliefs. The internet has also become his primary means of communicating with the outside world from the confines of his Beijing studio where he currently resides. His eagerness to adopt social media as an art practice seems to have a marked effect on the aesthetic quality of his more recent work. Continue reading

Musings on the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Ai Wei Wei: According to What? Part 1

by Rachel Ozerkevich

Ai Wei Wei seems to be everywhere right now. Ironically, the Chinese artist is technically not allowed to leave China: his passport has been confiscated by the government as part of its latest endeavours to monitor and silence the controversial artist and his increasingly vocal political commentary. Continue reading