A Stranger Shares Her First Impressions

by Lena Metten


I am the new intern at Satellite Gallery until the end of May 2013. My gap year is almost over and my ticket back to Europe is already booked. Until that time, I am happy to spend time at the Gallery. So far I have had several unexpected experiences, including the opening of the Full Frontal exhibition on April 11th and a Curator’s tour with Katie Schroeder.

On my very first trip to the Satellite Gallery, I stopped by the elevator after unsuccessfully looking for stairs and entered skeptically. The doors opened again and Katie Schroeder was standing in front of me, smiling and setting up her new exhibition, Full Frontal, with Karen Benbassat Ali, who warmly welcomed me. I was relieved and felt that I had finally arrived in the right place.


I cannot deny that I was shocked and surprised by the chosen topic for the exhibition: the relationship between masculinity and male sexuality. However, I changed my mind relatively quickly after the Curator´s talk at the opening, which was rather emotional compared to the Curator’s tour, which dealt with the question, “What is a man?”

Especially one story about the father of a man, who was sitting close to me, stuck in my head. Perhaps thinking that the traditional man does not talk about feelings, he kept his mouth shut, but after a few drinks he transformed into a captivating poet. Ideas about the traditional female role are still around, but until now, I had never thought about the traditional male role.

Along with the conversation, Katie explained her thoughts about her Master’s thesis exhibition during the Curator’s tour, and added eye-opening points of view about arrangements and choices. Since then, I am always seeing the conveyor belt in the middle of the gallery leading directly to the piece Freudian Slip (1991) by Eric Metcalfe.

In brief, I am enjoying being in the gallery, meeting kind and lively people in the team as well as visitors—and I wonder what the future will bring around next!


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