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The Town is the Venue

by Zoya Mirzaghitova


There is a small town in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, called Huntley, with a population of 4500 people. It has been the site for a unique art experiment. Deveron Arts, a group of artists based there, began to use the entire town as a sort of art gallery. There is no established exhibition place but instead artists are invited for three-month residencies during which they can live in the town and find out about topics and issues relevant to the people there. They turn these topics into artworks that can take the shape of a festival, bike race, drive-in cinema, town tour, or any number of other unconventional events. The artists draw from their environment and, in turn, contribute to broader conversations about local issues, and potentially provide some solutions. Continue reading

NEWS! Panel Discussion with Staff Photographers, March 16th, 2013

This discussion took place at the Satellite Gallery during the NEWS! exhibit on March 16th. News photographers were invited to talk about their careers and opinions on news photography. Participating are Glenn Baglo, Ralph Bower, John Denniston and Ric Ernst. Enjoy!

Life and Death/ Light and Depth: The Pictures of Erin Shirreff

by Jason Smythe Erin Shariff

Having never heard of Erin Shirreff, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into when I entered the Contemporary Art Gallery. Yes, I realize I could have gone onto Google and done some basic research beforehand, but I do not get paid to write these articles, so it is what it is. At at the same time, the internet and Google have made it almost impossible for many of us to be genuinely surprised by things anymore, so perhaps not getting paid to write this article was actually a blessing in disguise. ‘Pictures’ is a brilliant and poignant exhibit, and it achieves this by challenging our perceptions of not only life and death, but of light and depth as well. Continue reading

Interview with Noam Gonick


Noam Gonick at the Opening of Full Frontal in front of his work. Photo by Ash Tanasiychuk

Noam Gonick answers questions by Full Frontal curator Katie Schroeder about his work No Safe Words, 2009.

What is the artwork intended to convey?

I filmed the water boarding scenes with the UBC Thunderbirds upon a request to make a piece about LGBT rights and the abuse of those rights by Middle Eastern regimes. I’m not really into “queer washing”, where Western liberal attitudes towards gays are used as a cover for state aggression, so I wanted to invert the curatorial request and look at the queer aspects of the abuse of prisoners from the War on Terror. The piece was commissioned for Toronto’s Gay Pride to broadcast on a series of JumboTrons, so I was thinking of high-impact visuals – the type of imagery that usually appears on those screens. I wanted to rattle the million strong Pride march and share with them my suspicion that the torture in places like Abu Ghraib implicates us in an uncomfortably erotic way. Continue reading

A Stranger Shares Her First Impressions

by Lena Metten


I am the new intern at Satellite Gallery until the end of May 2013. My gap year is almost over and my ticket back to Europe is already booked. Until that time, I am happy to spend time at the Gallery. So far I have had several unexpected experiences, including the opening of the Full Frontal exhibition on April 11th and a Curator’s tour with Katie Schroeder. Continue reading