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Talk by Michael Turner, Stan Douglas and Tim Lee for NEWS! at the Satellite Gallery

Notable Vancouver visual artists Stan Douglas and Tim Lee spoke about different approaches to working with historical photographs, films and audio-visual materials. Both artists often work with material culture from the past, investing it with new meanings. They provided insights into their research processes and ideas about media histories. Michael Turner acted as an interlocutor in the discussion; drawing on his extensive knowledge of the cultural life of this city.

This talk took place at the Satellite Gallery on Saturday, March 23, 2013.

I Know It When I See It: Scrimshaw and Whale Bone Porn

by Jason Smythe

Scrimshaw 1

Scrimshaw: A Whaler’s Return, courtesy of the Vancouver Maritime Museum

I will freely admit to loving The Simpsons far too much and loving how perfectly the show has managed to satirize mob mentality and political and cultural conservatism over the years.  The perfect example of this is the character of Helen Lovejoy and her catchphrase “won’t someone please think of the children?,” which she shrieks almost anytime something that could be considered mildly offensive or controversial is made accessible to the public or considered politically in order to create moral panic amongst the people of Springfield.  Vancouver recently experienced its own bout of Helen Lovejoyism when Ann Pimentel  raised concerns about the Vancouver Maritime Museum’s newest exhibit, Tattoo and Scrimshaw: The Art of the Sailor, claiming the scrimshaw was inappropriate for young children and should be removed because “no one was thinking of the children!” Continue reading