Boot Camp: GO8 2013

by Irene Lin

group shot

It started on Monday and went till Friday. According to my calculations, the program lasted five days. My math is correct, right? Then why is it that I feel as if I’ve just survived a month-long boot camp? In the greatest way possible, GO8 will exhaust your soul along with your soles. I think I got more exercise last week than I have in the last year, and simultaneously I also think I’ve eaten more doughnuts last week than I have in my entire life. I’m not promising that if you join GO8 next year you will consume your body weight in fried dough, but that’s more or less what happened for me.

intervention 2

If you want to learn more about what exactly goes down in this internship/program,  I suggest you e-mail the gallery or just drop in one day and ask them in person. In short, we visited artist Cedric Bomford at his makeshift studio, went on tours of local galleries (such as the Vancouver Art Gallery, Contemporary Art Gallery, Artspeak, Dynamo), and took a Blim life drawing class. On the last day we launched our own collective art intervention.

Group Image

The rest of this post is probably going to be talking more about how it’s been four days since the end of my run and I’m still nursing a food baby and a drunken grin. My group was brilliant and chaotic and so freakin’ excellent. I like to think that I do a good job of hiding how geeky I am, but the people I spent my last week with were detectives in teenage skin. Not only did they find me out, but also embraced every bit of what I had to offer. I’m not certain but I may have fallen in platonic love with seven people. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but I highly recommend that you apply in 2014.

To view our final intervention art project, go to:

final art intervention image


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