Show & Tell Press: The Making of Made in Vancouver

by Kari Kleinmann and Kurtis Wilson

The newly formed Show & Tell Press, founded by artists Kari Kleinmann and Kurtis Wilson, will launch its first publication Made in Vancouver at Satellite Gallery this September 27, 2012 from 6 to 9pm. Made in Vancouver features the work of four Vancouver-based artists Patrick Cruz, Jennilee Marigomen, Aaron Read and Dan Siney, and pays homage to the thriving arts community within our city. The publication is a package comprised of five zines devoted to each artist. It showcases the work of a diverse group of artists putting pen to paper by using a variety of printing techniques from colour printing, risograph printing, silkscreen printing, to large roll printing.

We ran some roadblocks with our equipment during the making of Made in Vancouver, but our friends were there along the way to help. Making the zines was a collaborative process with the artists we selected. Each zine used a completely different printing process, and as a result making each one was a challenge and learning exercise for us. Kurtis and I have experience in making books and we both know that there is a process of trial and error.

This publication represents our first experience with creating four individual works each devoted to an individual artist. Throughout the process of making this publication, we developed a larger connection with the artists. And, out of respect, we wanted the artists to have as much decision making power as they wished. In the end, we were merely responsible for selecting the artists, and  the printing, binding and enclosure design.

Working as an artist, or trying to start one’s own company can be the most challenging, yet rewarding venture. Realistically we all know that many artists often have full time jobs, and this goes with young individuals trying to create their own projects such as Show & Tell. We are extremely excited to show Made in Vancouver to the city that made it happen. Here’s a behind the scenes look inside the making of our first artist zine.

Kari and I worked with artist Patrick Cruz. He came over one evening to do some printing for his upcoming zine included in Made in Vancouver.

Here’s a photograph of Patrick standing in front the Risograph duplicator we used to make his zine. We laser printed layouts of each two-page spread and scanned them on the scanner bed of the Risograph. From this scan, a thermal master is made and wrapped around the print cylinder (drum.) The drum (seen above) rotates and inks the paper (much like a screen print) as paper is fed through the machine.

Our workspace

Here Kurtis is loading the drum into the Risograph.

Some of the Risographed two-page spreads waiting to be cut and bound.

This is the stack cutter where we cut all of our books.  This machine
weighs about 600lbs and will slice through hundreds of sheets of
paper effortlessly. A bit scary!

We ended up having a really great time with Patrick, and managed to
get most of the printing done that evening.

We finished off the evening with some food and beverages to celebrate.


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