GO8 turns into an art ROCKET

by YouBin Lee

Art Work by YouBin LeeYouBin Lee interprets her experience at Satellite Gallery with a collage

Trying new things has always made me nervous. This is because of the uncertainty of a new environment and the situations that I will encounter there.  Participating in the GO8 program at Satellite Gallery was an adventure for all of us, where we would be challenging ourselves with the idea and practice of intervention art.

On the first day of the program, I remember all eight of us smiling at each other with bit of awkwardness. It was because we were all from different backgrounds, and had different perspectives on art and this city called Vancouver. However, during the first few days of GO8, we discovered new parts of our own city with its fabulous galleries and public art.  Creating interventions gave us new eyes with which to see our world.

Post- it Vancouver, an art intervention projection by the GO8 2012 groupPost-it Vancouver at the Granville Street Skytrain Station

Our final collaborative project for GO8, Post- it Vancouver, was inspired  by our creative exploration throughout the program. All of the guest speakers, such as Lindsey Foell (artist and educator), Jaspal Marwah (Vancouver Public Space Network), Adriana Estrada-Centelles (independent curator), and Jill Henderson (gallery coordinator at the CAG)  spoke about the idea of intervention art. In addition, the galleries that we visited, and sharing ideas with one another, led us to a specific goal: to make people in the city happy. Can you come up with a clear answer for this question: What makes you really happy? That is where our thinking began. We came up with a simple idea that we all knew would put a smile on people’s faces and bring a little happiness to their Friday afternoon. We tagged two public areas in the downtown core with Post-it notes, and asked people to consider our question. The responses were varied… but we got people thinking about the nature of happiness on a personal level.

GO8 2012 Group PhotoThe GO8 group having fun after two weeks of art intervention.

After GO8, we continued this work by launching Rocket Art Group to continue to form our ideas.  We are grateful for this awesome opportunity and this exciting direction for a new era of art.

Please visit Satellite Gallery’s Flickr account for more photographs of GO8 2012.


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