Yarn Bombing

by Lindsey Foell

What better way to celebrate a successful school year than to make 120+ giant pom-poms and cover a large tree, central to our school’s greenway?

In just one class, senior textiles students at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary used yarn remnants to create large colourful pom-poms, with the intention of installing them outside the school along 23rd Avenue between Fraser and Main Street.

We weren’t positive what the end result would look like, but we were caught up in the process of enjoying the hilarious nature of our craft and chatting with each other about another school year gone by.

In the second class, we decided the best way to ”bomb” the greenway was to attach the pom-poms as strands, and then diagonally wrap the largest tree in the centre area.  We weren’t exactly covert in our operation—the Fine Arts 8 classes were busy enjoying a party in the gardens for the last day of school. We definitely were up to something mysterious.

Even though our anonymity was broken, we left a curious and colourful garment for our chosen tree.  Ultimately, we gifted the community with an act of kindness and a yarn-bomb to remember.

Lindsey Foell is a practicing artist and educator at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School. She currently teaches in Satellite Gallery’s GO8 Teen Program.

This fall, Foell will lead a new teen social program at Satellite Gallery called the Guerilla Knitters. This program will be devoted to creating and developing yarn bombing projects in the community throughout the 2012 to 2013 school year. Contact the gallery at info@satellitegallery.ca to join or for more information.


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