Where are you now GO8?

Satellite Gallery’s Angela Yang, a former GO8 student, tells us what she’s been up to since her time at the gallery.

I just graduated last year and am doing the one year Arts and Science Transfer program to UBC at Langara right now and hopefully I’ll get in for September. The GO8 Program was absolutely lovely! I really learned a ton about the art scene in Vancouver and about myself along the way too. I made fabulous new friends and the memories during the 2 weeks are priceless! Creating the public art display at the end of the program was a very new experience for me. I guess in a way it added to my experiences with challenging the status quo of society as I am currently taking a course in Peace and Conflict Studies and becoming more aware of the political scene in North America and abroad. I can’t say I’m doing much right now with art, but the program has definitely influenced me to get out more and see what art the city has to offer.

It’s interesting because the thing that actually attracted me to the GO8 program was my trip the previous summer to Europe where I saw a guy graffiti-ing on a wall in Germany and it looked amazing and really colourful. Also, when I went to Stockholm, I managed to see an exhibition by Jens Assur, a Swedish photographer, (and currently one of my most favourite) titled Hunger. It was really powerful. So when I came back to Vancouver and an artistic opportunity like GO8 came up I was excited to take hold of it. During the program I was also applying to a National Geographic program for writing and photography but, sadly, I didn’t get into it.

The summer after the GO8 program I had the opportunity to work in Quebec for a month and I saw a ton of graffiti art on old buildings in Montreal. Most recently, my sister and I participated in the Sketchbook Project hosted by the Art House. They send you a sketchbook and you fill it up any way you want and then send it back to them to be cataloged into their Brooklyn library.

Also, just last week I was leading a scavenger hunt in Yaletown and we had to create an art display that represented sustainability. I helped come up with the idea of a public art display that could represent that. So we took the two trash cans at the Canada line station and put them in the middle of the platform between the two stair cases which sort of impeded the public’s path and we split into two groups that circled the cans. One person from each group was holding either a newspaper or a cup and they were motioning to throw it away while everyone else gathered around and had shocked expressions. Everyone was frozen in a posture and I took a short video of some of the reactions from the public coming into the station. The idea was to stimulate the minds of people and get them thinking about recycling, and of course, to accomplish the scavenger task. During that time I was pumped with adrenaline and felt, in a way, young, invincible, and united for a cause! Haha. Well, I also had great support from my group. Just like the GO8 program, I think the small group really contributed making it easier for us to bond.

Many great experiences I’ve had, GO8 being one of them, have helped shape who I want to become. And will most definitely come back and influence me in some way in the future. Although I am looking to pursue a career in medicine, the GO8 experience was most definitely beneficial to me nonetheless. I have always been in touch with different kinds of art forms (Ballet, painting, sketching, still-life sketching, music, crafts) and it will always be a part of my life-big or small. Oh, and the nude sketching session was also one of my favorite activities as I’ve never done that before.

Angela Yang: “Thank you Satellite Gallery!”

I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of the GO8 program, especially the pilot one.

Thanks and great to hear from you!
Angela Yang


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