Monthly Archives: March 2012

Broken Borders – Breaking Borders

by Stella Hsu

Photograph by Amie Beaton

Broken Borders is an exhibition that examines the drug war through the works of four Mexican artists: Teresa Margolles, Rosa Maria Robles, Marcos Ramirez Erre, and Jorge Malacón. This exhibition at Satellite Gallery and Access Gallery points to a situation in Mexico where the lives of civilians have been compromised into a state of fear.

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Broken Borders Opening Reception

Here is a photo recap of the opening reception of Broken Borders, curated by Adriana Estrada-Centelles, at Satellite Gallery and Access Gallery on March 9, 2012.

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Mumbai Diaries

by Erin Campbell

Mumbai, India – Kala Ghoda Festival

Rearing Horse. Photograph by Kevin Kim. Kala Ghoda Festival 2012.

Kala Ghoda, or Black Horse in English, is a café district in the heart of downtown Mumbai and is known for its annual art festival. The festival attracts not only art fans from Mumbai, but from India and the world. For one week per year the bustling café fronts are covered up and the street comes alive with theatre, performance art, dance, literature, music and, of course, visual art.

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Where are you now GO8?

Satellite Gallery’s Angela Yang, a former GO8 student, tells us what she’s been up to since her time at the gallery.

I just graduated last year and am doing the one year Arts and Science Transfer program to UBC at Langara right now and hopefully I’ll get in for September. The GO8 Program was absolutely lovely! I really learned a ton about the art scene in Vancouver and about myself along the way too. I made fabulous new friends and the memories during the 2 weeks are priceless! Creating the public art display at the end of the program was a very new experience for me. I guess in a way it added to my experiences with challenging the status quo of society as I am currently taking a course in Peace and Conflict Studies and becoming more aware of the political scene in North America and abroad. I can’t say I’m doing much right now with art, but the program has definitely influenced me to get out more and see what art the city has to offer.

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