Monthly Archives: September 2011

Dark Resonance at Grunt Gallery

The cover of this month’s Preview magazine caught my eye. It features a painting from Rebecca Chaperon’s new exhibition at Grunt Gallery, Like a Great Black Fire. Intrigued by the enigmatic content of the cover piece, I headed down to Grunt to take a closer look.

Like a Great Black Fire, Rebecca Chaperon, 2011

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MIX at Five Sixty

Tonight Satellite Gallery became part of a building-wide art party at Five Sixty. The two floor space was transformed into a maze of contemporary art, and every room (plus the alley, where Scott Sueme and a friend were spray-painting) was filled with exhibitions from artists working with diverse themes and wildly different work. From Gordon Payne’s “cubo-futurist-surrealist” paintings to florist and up-and-coming artist Thomas Hobbs’ digitally manipulated, found paint-by-number figures, MIX really had something for everyone. On the ground floor a man approached me and asked where the gallery was. For once I had nothing to say except, “Uh, everywhere!”

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