Two in One

First-time visitors to Satellite Gallery often ask about the division of space between our gallery and Blanket Contemporary Inc. The answer to the question is simple—we are on the right and they are on the left, or vice-versa, depending where you stand. However, last Thursday a visitor asked us an interesting question about the division of space between Satellite and our current show, Peter Morin’s Museum.

“So there is Blanket Gallery and a museum owned by Peter Morin,” the visitor observed, “but where is Satellite Gallery?”

I responded to the question with enthusiasm, explaining the idea of a museum within a gallery and taking the visitor on a tour, which later led to a discussion about the conventions of the two institutions.

The relationship between Satellite and Peter Morin’s Museum is like reinventing your family’s favorite, classic dish with new ingredients. Despite carrying the historical weight of cultural institutions, Peter Morin’s Museum provokes the viewer by creating a push-and-pull effect through reiterating the familiar. Adding to the mix is the off-the-beaten-path location of Satellite Gallery.

As curator Karen Duffek points out in MOA’s recent publication, Peter Morin’s Museum: An Installation with Performances, Satellite is “a place of slippage between gallery and museum and nightclub.” Once home to A&B Sound, a major independent music store, the building that houses Peter Morin’s Museum has its own unique history—a character that other permanent museums share. Together with their white walls, museum display cases, hand-written labels, and artifacts, Peter Morin’s Museum and Satellite Gallery have become one in the past two months, blurring the line between institutions and challenging our perceptions.

Yet, despite their dynamic union, Satellite and Peter Morin’s Museum will part ways on July 3rd. All good things must come to an end, so we’ll celebrate it with an exploratory workshop led by artists Vanessa Black and Neil Chung on Sunday, June 19th, at 2pm, and a performance by Peter Morin on Wednesday, June 29th, at 7pm. For more information about the workshop and performance, please visit our website and our Facebook page!/event.php?eid=103619889732971

Debbie Cheung


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