Monthly Archives: May 2011

Peter Morin’s Museum: The Book

As a co-op student for the Satellite Gallery interested in publication design, I was lucky enough to design an artist’s book/catalogue for our current exhibition, Peter Morin’s Museum.

I had a wonderful experience working with artist Peter Morin, MOA curator Karen Duffek, and manager Karen Benbassat; we put together a publication that incorporated elements of the installation, such as wraparound end-pages that reveal the title of the book, and hand-binding that incorporates the imitation sinew used in Museum’s tent. Tahltan red is seen throughout, and Peter Morin’s handwriting is used in headers, making his written presence felt from the beginning to the end of the publication. Continue reading

Recording Their Story: James Teit and the Tahltan

Ever since information has become readily available online, the source of our knowledge has expanded beyond the walls of libraries and museums. This new way of disseminating and receiving information has caused quite a stir in institutions, causing them to reexamine their practice in organizing and displaying knowledge as educators for communities. In our current exhibition, Victoria-based visual and performance artist Peter Morin establishes his own museum that explores the conventions of museum practices while sharing the knowledge of the Tahltan First Nation through a series of performances and an evolving installation. Continue reading