What we did in spring break…

Spring break is something to look forward to: the anticipation to jump on a plane, stock up the car and hit the road, or just be rid of school for a good two weeks. However, for a group of eight very lucky students there was something different to look forward to: the new GO8 program at the Satellite Gallery.

We all came together from different ethnic backgrounds and different schools across Vancouver for one week, each of us unique in our own experiences and all very eager to sink our teeth into the world of contemporary art. Exposure came like a monsoon—filled with fascinating tours of commercial art spaces and galleries, mind-blowing explorations into the workings of an art intervention, electrifying inspiration from all corners of the gallery, and of course, fabulous mentors.

Besides getting great opportunities and inspirations to explore art, we also developed our own little piece for the city. Our idea was to take pictures of people and show what they like about themselves. It proved to be a difficult question to respond to, and the answers we received were surprisingly varied. So we must now ask the question, why is it so difficult to come up with something we like about ourselves?! Our intervention came as an experiment to challenge society and generate personal thought and reflection from the images. After everything started to come together, we all felt a sense of accomplishment—a real job, well done. We were a group of super hyped-up kids filled with new ideas and ready to go out into the world to experience new forms of art.

Angela Yang (David Thompson Secondary), Joke Werner (Lord Byng Secondary), and the whole GO8 group.

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