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What we did in spring break…

Spring break is something to look forward to: the anticipation to jump on a plane, stock up the car and hit the road, or just be rid of school for a good two weeks. However, for a group of eight very lucky students there was something different to look forward to: the new GO8 program at the Satellite Gallery. Continue reading

GO8 in Action

Part of the Satellite Gallery’s mandate is to provide learning opportunities for students through programming and education. We were very lucky to have eight talented high school students from all over Vancouver to participate in GO8. The goal of the program was to immerse students in Vancouver’s contemporary art world through the theme of art intervention.

Under the direction of gallery manager Karen Benbassat and artist educator Lindsey Foell, our program leader Madeleine Campbell designed a fun intensive program that encouraged the students to think critically. They visited various art institutions such as the Rennie Collection, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and 221A Artist Run Center before they embarked on a collaborative project that engaged the public in downtown Vancouver. We were amazed at their enthusiasm and creativity in coming up with a project in such a short time frame. Big congratulations and applause to the students for completing the program. Their work can be seen around downtown and here is a quick look of what they had achieved during spring break.

P.S: Stay tuned for blog entries from two of our GO8 students.

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